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A little story about myself…

I’m living a wonderful Yang life, managing bike holidays, teaching padel and teaching Yin Yoga.

I'm Belgium based now and very satisfied with my professional career, but it did take me some time to find my true passion and joy. 


Having a master’s degree in business, I tried working within the corporate sector, but realized that it just wasn't meant for me. I decided to take a year off and traveled throughout Asia.   

The first time I fell in love with Yin Yoga was in Bali, were it was taught to experienced divers. After Asia, I ended up spending 4 wonderful years living on a beautiful sailing boat on South Island,  New Zealand. Strangely enough, this is where I realized that there is no place like home.

That being said, my travel bug and the grey Belgium winters brought me to my winter home in one of the Pueblos Blancos (white towns) of Andalucía, Southern Spain. This is still a work in progress, but I hope that someday soon I will be able to teach you online sessions on my deck viewing Gibraltar, the Mediterranean and Morocco.

This Yang style life has impacted my body. After years of practicing and teaching Vinyasa, Yin practice has been the only way to get rid of the aches and pains in my body. Why you might ask?

Have a look at ‘What's Yin’…

To have a deep understanding of Yin Yoga, I followed a Yin Yoga Teacher Training Course with Kassandra Reinhardt. She is a real Yin star!

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