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Yin Yoga is a well balanced practice where poses are held for a minimum of 2 minutes. It's target is to deeply absorb within the connective tissues associated one's joints & the ligaments.
Accupuncture 4.jpg
Yang style yoga like Vinyasa
This is also called Fascia.
the muscles.
Yin activates the para- 
reasons: stress,
and so forth.
& Ashtanga, mainly focuses   
on the superficial tissues of
Some call Yin the acupuncture of the Yoga.
sympathetic nervous system,
which is beneficial for several
blood pressure, sleep, digestion,
immune function, hormones
being pulled from
important deadline to another. We
Most of us spend our days locked in sympathetic nervous system overdrive, constantly
we need.
But stress is good! Some levels are essential to our health.
one overly
give ourselves the rest
& balance
In our Yin practice, we apply stress to our body by stretching or compressing our vertebrae, fascia, ligaments, muscles, ...

By doing this, we make our tissues stronger than before. Not only stronger… massaging our tissues releases toxins and wastewater out of our body. The body then becomes rejuvenated in the same way an                             

old sponge can be
resurrected by soaking it in  .
The dirty particles
trapped in the tissues of  
the sponge are released and carried away by the warm 
squeezing and stretching it.
warm water, twisting,
Rejuvenating body.jpg
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