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Join me in my passion for...
...down to earth, no airy-fairy nonsense Yin Yoga 

New @ Yin with Debs

No time on Tuesdays?

Follow an online class and you'll receive the recorded video,

so you can enjoy the session for another week!

You can also rent a session of choice.

Sharing the unknown & many benefits of Yin Yoga... my passion!

Yin is a softer type of Yoga. It's target is to deeply absorb within the connective tissues associated one's joints & the ligaments. Poses are therefore held for a minimum of 2 minutes. Less challenging than active yoga? Try sitting still in a pose for while! 

But the effect on your body and mind is all the more.

Suitable for all levels!

After years of practicing and teaching Vinyasa, Yin practice has been the only way to remove the accumulation of the aches and pains in my body. It has also given my mind a sense of peace & has given me the ability to sleep much better. I'm living a very active life and Yin Yoga gave me that perfect balance.

Let Yin surprise you and your body...


What members say...

‘The first time in 6 weeks that I woke up without lower back pain… Thanks!'
Inge, Belgium

‘Thank you so much! It has been a long time since I’ve done a mostly yin practice! Felt great!!!’

Dianna, Canada

‘My legs feel like they are 2 meters longer… great!!' 

Willemien, Belgium

‘Lovely Debbie, thx. Those long stretches are so relaxing!! See you next time!' 

Sjoerd, Netherlands

'Yeahh - down to earth Yoga!'

Tim, Belgium

‘I really enjoyed it! I also slept great afterwards.

See you next Tuesday!’

Lieselot, Belgium

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